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truck remap Swindon and Bristol

Why choose Top Tuning?


At Top Tuning, we pride ourselves on an outstanding service and the highest levels of customer satisfaction. It’s why customers recommend us time and time again as the leading tuning experts throughout the South West of England. We enable them to improve driveability and power while saving fuel and therefore costs.

Our customers put their trust in us for these five essential reasons:

  1. A Lifetime Warranty on the software we install on your car
  2. Realistic prices based on the work required – we do not believe in undercutting competitors by taking shortcuts with the quality of service.
  3. Realistic expectations of fuel savings – our recommendation is based on years of experience and expertise.
  4. An honest opinion – if improvements to your car will only be minimal, we waste your time and money but will tell you so.
  5. Respect for your privacy – all appointments are confidential and we do not pass on or sell customer data

What sets Top Tuning apart?


Tuning requires skill and expertise to gain maximum benefits. While it may be tempting to use a cheap remapping and chip tuning service, cutting costs results in cutting corners …

We pride ourselves on exceptional work with exceptional service:

  • The highest standards in Dyno Tested Remapping.

  • Boosting driveability with up to 15-35% extra power.

  • Increasing fuel efficiency by miles, with up to 8-15% Improved MPG.

  • Additional peace of mind with our Lifetime Software Warranty.