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Industrial Off-Car DPF Cleaning Service

  • DPF’s Cleaned and Restored back to original

  • DPF Cleaning Promise! 98% Ash & Soot Removed Guaranteed

  • Cost Effective & Friendly Solution

  • Save £1,000s on DPF replacements

  • 12 Months Warranty

  • 24 Hour Service

  • South West Collection & Drop off Service

South West DPF Cleaning team (part of Top Tuning Limited) are highly trained and experienced in cleaning DPF’s. We provide a range of cleaning services including Mobile DPF Cleaning, Industrial Off-Car DPF Cleaning, Air Intake & EGR Cleaning & Carbon Cleaning.

Our sophisticated Industrial off vehicle DPF cleaning machine is 100% successful in restoring your vehicles DPF back to full health. Your DPF will need to be removed and sent to our DPF cleaning centre for cleaning. Alternatively we can provide a collect and drop off service throughout the South West (Including Swindon, Bristol, Gloucester, Chippenham, Bath, Trowbridge, Devizes, Cheltenham, Melksham and beyond). Once we have received your vehicles DPF, we then connect it to our sophisticated DPF cleaning machine to remove all of the soot and ash. Once cleaned we will post or drop off your cleaned DPF ready for installation back onto your vehicle.


The majority of vehicles will illuminate the DPF warning light informing you the DPF is becoming blocked and a regeneration is required.

When certain requirements are met for a regeneration, your DPF will attempt to burn off soot using an active or passive regeneration. If the regeneration fails an additional warning light on your dash maybe displayed. This usually means your DPF is blocked beyond a point at which a regeneration will clear it.

  • Reduced power?
  • DPF or EML light on?
  • limp mode?
  • Failing DPF regeneration
  • Excessive Vehicle smoking
  • Increased Oil level
  • Increased fuel consumption?

Why use us?

We provide a high quality, environmentally friendly, cost effective DPF cleaning, this proven cleaning process will restore any DPF back to its original state.

We will successfully clean all types of particulate filters, not just cars, but vans, light, medium and heavy trucks, buses, and any off road equipment that has a diesel particulate filter. It will efficiently remove the PM-10 (Soot & Ash) from the filter restoring the DPF back to 98% original.

There are many different types of diesel particulate filters, most of the ones on cars, light and medium sized trucks are sealed so can be difficult to clean.

Our Advanced DPF Cleaning Machine will effectively cleans any make and configuration of diesel particulate filter without cutting, modifying or welding the DPF, it does this by simply connecting the appropriate adapter.

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