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Adblue Delete & Removal Services Across the Southwest

Remove AdBlue and save on repairs

If you’re running a modern diesel car on UK public roads, you might have an AdBlue system fitted. But running costs for AdBlue can be high.

At Top Tuning, we can remove your AdBlue system from cars, vans, motorhomes, tractors and trucks by electronically disabling it in your vehicle. We’ll also get rid of the annoying associated dashboard lights and warning messages. Your vehicle will no longer need AdBlue, so you’ll never need to refill the tank again.

What’s AdBlue all about?

AdBlue is a solution within a complex catalyst system fitted next to the exhaust. It’s intended to bring about selective catalytic reduction (SCR), to cut down on NOx emissions from diesel engines by half or more.

SCR is effective, but it’s a complex system with lots of components, such as pumps, sensors, and other bits and pieces. There’s plenty to go wrong and, when it does, you can expect a hefty bill.

Locations Covered

We are a Professional Mobile Service that covers but is not limited to; Swindon, Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Cirencester and surrounding areas

How does AdBlue reduce Nox?

AdBlue is a liquid comprising a mix of highly pure urea and deionised water. The SCR uses this to reduce a diesel engine’s NOx emissions. The solution gets injected into the exhaust system to create a chemical reaction in the catalyst. This turns the NOx into harmless water vapour and nitrogen.

For every 100 gallons of diesel you burn, you’ll get through another four gallons or so of AdBlue. For trucks and lorries, it’s more like six percent. The system was introduced so that vehicle manufacturers could meet European emissions targets.

It’s not just about money

Running a car, van, truck or tractor that needs AdBlue can become expensive, especially if you make regular long trips. While it’s great that you want to cut back on carbon and NOx emissions, there are problems with AdBlue beyond the expense.

AdBlue works best at the kind of high exhaust temperatures that result from  motorway driving. But on shorter journeys your exhaust won’t get hot enough for AdBlue to be effective.

If you use AdBlue with cooler exhaust temperatures, you can get bad exhaust blockages and even costly engine damage.

What if I just let the tank run dry?

Don’t do this. The SCR system won’t work and will affect your engine performance. In some cases, it won’t run at all. Always have the AdBlue removed by an expert from Top Tuning.

To talk over your AdBlue options, call Top Tuning today on 01249 554522 or request a callback

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