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Professional Truck Tuning: what is it and what does it do?

Truck tuning & remapping is a safe and easy way to adjust the data in your truck’s engine control unit (ECU) to improve performance and economy.

Does your truck engine feel sluggish? Are fuel bills higher than they should be? Are maintenance bills starting to mount up? is your engine running as efficiently as it could be?

Ensure optimum performance and optimum fuel consumption by having the ECU controlling your truck tuned.

We also provide advanced remapping options for trucks including DPF, EGR and Adblue solutions.

Professional Truck Tuning: what are the advantages?

Professional truck remapping improves fuel economy, emissions and other variables that may be limiting your truck’s performance.

Truck manufacturers use one programme for all customers – which may be far from suitable for your exact needs. As our name suggests, Top Tuning offers some of the finest proprietary chip tuning technology available.

We have various options for tuning your truck ECU depending on the exact nature of what you demand from your trucks, so that each engine is tuned to deliver the very best performance.

Chip tuning is complex, which it’s why it is always advisable to use truck tuning experts, such as ourselves, so that your truck operates in exactly the way you have specified – and with noticeable improvements in performance.

View of top-tuning at work from inside lorry
Top tuning mobile service working on septic truck lorry

Professional Truck Tuning: the process

Reprogramming your Truck ECU chip is only the beginning of the tuning process.

We obtain data from your truck using proprietary algorithms to ensure your truck is operating as expected.

We then make the necessary adjustments by dialing in the output characteristics, while checking meticulously that all systems are functioning correctly.

Professional Truck Tuning: our expertise

We ensure your truck’s turbo diesel engine is running to its full potential, without the need to boost the turbo pressure.

Cummins, DAF, Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, and Man are just some of the many leading truck brands we have worked with – with successful results and with highly satisfied fleet owners, fleet operators and fleet managers not to mention truck drivers themselves.

Truck Tuning Pricing

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