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Image of modern saloon car gearbox

Gearbox Tuning

Top Tuning offer Gearbox Tuning services that will transform your vehicle. We can tune a range of gearboxes including ZF8 and DSG. The gearbox tune we apply to your vehicle has been developed specifically for your vehicle and engine configuration.  A remap of the gearbox transmission control unit will transform the driving experience and reach the amazing performance they are capable of. If you would like improved efficiency, responsiveness or a sportier gearbox, a Top Tuning gearbox tune is what you need!

BMW Gearbox Tuning

We can improve the performance of your BMW ZF8 gearbox with a tune. We will enhance your BMW gearbox to performance levels its truly capable of.

BMW Gearbox Benefits

All BMW ZF gearboxes have a maximum torque limit defined by BMW which prevents the vehicle reaching maximum power. Our gearbox tunes adjusts the torque limit so your vehicle can reach its true potential. The gearbox tuning software we use is safe and reliable and we will insure the driving experience is dramatically improved.

BMW Gearbox Tune Benefits:

  • Faster shift speeds

  • Smoother gear changes

  • Modified and improved shift points

  • Launch Control (Later ZF8HP Gearboxes)

  • Increased Torque Limiters

Mobile service remapping a BMW
Blue Audi RS6 ready for gearbox tuning

DSG Gearbox Tuning

Top Tuning also offer DSG (Direct Shift Gearbox) gearbox tuning. The DSG is a semi automatic system that has two clutches. When a gear is selected the next gear is automatically pre-selected allowing for much faster gear changes. This system is more fuel efficient when compared to single clutch systems as less energy is wasted when transferring the power to the wheels.

DSG Gearbox Benefits

DSG Automatic Gearboxes have maximum torque limits set by the manufacturer. We can increase this value allowing the vehicle to perform at its maximum potential. We raise the DSG torque limiter to match the engine torque being produced resulting in much better performance. We can also adjust RPM limits and shift set points resulting in overall improved performance. Other benefits include:

  • Up to 20% faster gear changes

  • Reduced Lag

  • Improved acceleration

  • Smoother gear changes

  • Modified and improved shift points

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