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Air Intake & EGR Cleaning Service

  • Mobile 60 Minute Chemical Clean

  • Advanced Diagnostics

  • South West Coverage

  • 0% Finance Available

Top Tuning (part of South West DPF Cleaning) are highly trained and experienced in cleaning air intakes & EGR systems. We provide a range of cleaning services including On-Car DPF Cleaning, Off-Car DPF Cleaning & Carbon Cleaning. Using only the most advanced cleaning technology, we are leading in the way in the industry, thanks to the excellent results that we can achieve.

If you’re experiencing issues with your intake or EGR system, you need to look no further than our skilled team of experts. We can clean these systems to ensure they function perfectly once more. Thanks to our expertise, you can also rely on us to always recommend the best solution for your unique needs so that you can avoid the expense of costly repairs and replacements

Air Intake & EGR Cleaning Key Benefits

  • Cleans the air intake system and provides anti wear protection
  • Frees sticking throttle valves and ensures efficient air flow
  • Frees sticking inlet valves
  • Improves performance and responsiveness
  • Ensures efficient combustion and can improve fuel economy
  • Maintains O2 sensor and EGR valve cleanliness

Driving habits, poor fuel quality and infrequent servicing results in carbon build-up within the air intake and EGR system. Carbon build-up and contamination has a detrimental effect on your vehicle resulting in high exhaust emissions, reduced performance and increased fuel consumption. Our professionally advanced EGR & Air Intake Cleaning System is designed to effectively remove carbon build-up and contamination.

Our Intake & EGR cleaning system is simply injected into the air intake between the intercooler/turbo charger and the air intake manifold (after the mass air flow sensor) whilst the engine is running. Our cleaning system will remove soot, carbon and residue from the inlet valves, air intake chamber and throttle valve.

We at Top Tuning (South West DPF Cleaning) provide a high quality, environmentally friendly & cost effective cleaning services. We will successfully clean all types of vehicles including cars, vans, light, medium and heavy trucks, buses, and any off road vehicles.

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