2 Stage Carbon Clean



2 Stage Carbon Cleaning Service

  • 30 to 45 minute Carbon Clean
  • Specialist Injector Cleaner

Carbon Clean – Restore lost engine power and performance, increase MPG and reduce harmful engine emissions. By removing the built-up carbon deposits within your engine; the engine can run and breathe more freely. Making the engine quieter, smoother and more efficient. A complete engine decarbonisation takes less than 45 minutes and removes up to 75% of harmful carbon deposits; that has built up and cling to expensive engine components and airways. So revitalise your engine with a carbon clean and see the benefits immediately.

Our Specialist Injector Cleaner is formulated specifically to remove Injector Deposits  and ensure injector cleanliness, restore spray pattern and restore combustion efficiency. Other benefits include – Restores lost power and acceleration by removing harmful deposits that build up over time, Improves fuel economy and overall engine performance due to fuel system clean-up, Lowers exhaust gas emissions, Easier cold starting and better ignition quality.

*A free mobile service is included in the price. Please buy online and then contact us to find our next available slot.