£50 Booking Deposit




Why do we ask for a booking deposit? A deposit is taken to reserve a booking slot with us.

We have had multiple instances and issues which has forced us to take a deposit from each and every customer. This has resulted in lost time and revenue.

  1. Customers not showing up for a booking without contact. Or customers cancelling the night before their appointment. This stops us booking in other genuine customers. We require a minimum 24 hours notice of intended cancellation
  2. The vehicle is in poor health, badly maintained or has faults which prevents us from carrying out a remap or intended work.
  3. The vehicle has been tuned before which prevents us tuning the vehicle or prevents us from carrying out the work intended
  4. The vehicle has a tuning box installed which prevents us from tuning the vehicle

If all is well and the booking is fine, we will deduct the £50 from the overall balance we have quoted you. An example: Remap cost £270, Deposit £50 – total left to pay = £220