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The ultimate performance Linde remap

Looking for the ultimate performance Linde ECU remap? Want better throttle response and driveability? More horsepower and torque? At Top Tuning, our Linde ECU remap will do all this while also delivering improved fuel economy. How else can we improve the performance of your Linde?

Linde AdBlue delete

AdBlue can result in errors and limp mode, leading to unexpected repairs. We can either electronically disable the AdBlue system from the software or remove it entirely. That means no more dashboard lights or warning messages and no need to refill the tank.

Linde DPF delete

Top Tuning experts can also disable the DPF system! DFP removal is a cost-effective solution that will give you better performance, more mpg and less turbo lag. You’ll also spend less on maintenance and enjoy more uptime.

Linde EGR delete

Top Tuning can also disable the EGR system on your tractor saving £££s on repairs as well as improved performance.

Call Top Tuning today on 01249 554522 to talk about how we can help you get the best out of your Linde.

Original BHP
Tuned BHP
BHP Gain
Original Nm
Tuned Nm
Nm Gain
LINDEFORKLIFTH70D - 4.1L - 85HP - TIER4F85100+1500+0
LINDEFORKLIFTH80D - 4.1L - 116HP - TIER4F116130+1400+0