MAN Truck Tuning




Boost your MAN truck MPG by up to 15% with a Top Tuning remap

With our MAN Truck ECU remap, you could achieve torque and BHP gains of up to 20%. But, with today’s rising fuel costs, you’ll be glad to know we can also boost your fuel economy by up to 15%.

So what’s a truck ECU remap? We adjust the data in the ECU (which controls the engine) using tried and tested values. Our experienced technicians will adjust the various maps, such as fuel injection and boost pressure, so that we optimise power and fuel economy. We install the remap onto your truck ECU via the on-board diagnostics port (OBD) or on the bench.

After a MAN truck ECU remap, you will notice BHP and torque gains, plus improved mpg of up to 15%. As diesel rockets towards £2 a litre, you’ll be able to peg back your overheads and improve profits.

Our mobile technicians even come out to you. Whilst we’re there, ask us about AdBlue removal, EGR removal and DPF removal.

To chat over a remap for your MAN truck, call Top Tuning today on 01249 554522.

Original BHP
Tuned BHP
BHP Gain
Original Nm
Tuned Nm
Nm Gain
MANTGATGA 320 320HP320370+5019002185+285
MANTGATGA 350 350HP350405+5518002070+270
MANTGATGA 360 360HP360415+5517502015+265
MANTGATGA 390 390HP390450+6019002185+285
MANTGATGA 400 400HP400460+6019002185+285
MANTGATGA 430 430HP430495+6521002415+315
MANTGATGA 440 440HP440505+6521002415+315
MANTGATGA 480 480HP480550+7023002645+345
MANTGATGA 530 530HP530610+8024002760+360
MANTGATGA 660 660HP660761+10127003105+405
MANTGLTGL 150 150HP150176+26570655+85
MANTGLTGL 180 180HP180205+25700805+105
MANTGLTGL 206 206HP206235+29830955+125
MANTGLTGL 240 240HP240275+359251065+140
MANTGMTGM 240 240HP240275+359251065+140
MANTGMTGM 280 280HP280320+4011001265+165
MANTGMTGM 326 326HP326376+5012501440+190
MANTGSTGS 320 320HP320370+5016001840+240
MANTGSTGS 360 360HP360415+5518002070+270
MANTGSTGS 400 400HP400460+6019002185+285
MANTGSTGS 440 440HP440505+6521002415+315
MANTGSTGS 460 460HP460531+7121002415+315
MANTGSTGS 480 480HP480550+7023002645+345
MANTGSTGS 540 540HP540620+8025002875+375
MANTGXTGX 320 320HP320365+4516001840+240
MANTGXTGX 360 360HP360415+5518002070+270
MANTGXTGX 400 400HP400460+6019002185+285
MANTGXTGX 430 430HP430495+6521002415+315
MANTGXTGX 440 440HP440505+6521002415+315
MANTGXTGX 460 460HP460531+7121002415+315
MANTGXTGX 480 480HP480550+7023002645+345
MANTGXTGX 540 540HP540620+8025002875+375
MANTGXTGX 680 680HP680780+10030003450+450