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Engine Tuning & Remapping in Swindon

Top Tuning Swindon are an IMI Certified professional mobile Engine Tuning & Remapping company. Our team covers the whole of Swindon, Wiltshire. From Redhouse to Liden, Woodhall Park to Nythe. We also cover local villages such as Highworth & Purton

To ensure our customers receive the best remapping service we only use the latest genuine market leading tuning software and hardware, we are unlike others that use cheap fake tools! (You can see some of our Google reviews here)

We offer a range of services including but not limited to: ECU Remapping, Gearbox Tuning, Dyno Tuning, Bench Tuning, Carbon Cleaning, DPF Cleaning, Air Intake & EGR Cleaning.  As remapping & tuning Specialists we are not just limited to cars & vans, but we also cater for other vehicles such as Trucks and Tractors.

As Swindon’s leading Remapping Professionals, we are fully experienced with all makes of car such as, but limited to: BMW, Mercedes, Vauxhall, Ford, Skoda, Mini, Audi and Volkswagen.

The Top Tuning difference

Our Promise to you:

A specialist and convenient mobile service, to your door​ In Swindon

A trustworthy opinion, only undertaking improvements that will be noticeable

A friendly, reliable and expert service, checkout our reviews from other local customers

Professional advice on your vehicle’s performance and fuel savings

Unleashing Performance

With the Swindon roads getting busier every day and with petrol prices also on the increase, having an efficient engine is a must. This is where our remapping can help!
We can improve how your engine performs with our ECU Remapping/Programming.
The standard software on new vehicles is designed to allow the vehicle to perform adequately in all driving conditions and climates, to allow this they have to sacrifice some of the engine’s potential performance. But, as we know the climate and condition your engine will be operating in, we can release this extra performance without exceeding the safe limits of your engine components.
Remapping is achieved by reading the ECU’s processing chip to gain access to the standard engine maps. We then fine-tune the relevant map tables, such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (for turbocharged engines), ignition advance and throttle pedal control amongst others. By doing this we can allow your engine to achieve higher power output and reduced fuel consumption compared to standard.

Another issue with modern engines is the application of system like the EGR valve.  EGR systems frequently become clogged with carbon deposits and begin to stick open or closed when they shouldn’t. This means they have the reverse effect of their original intended results, leading to error codes and poor running. By disabling the EGR valve we can improve engine efficiency and performance further.

EGR blanking or software solution result in lower engine temperatures, and improved throttle response and fuel efficiency. Overall leading to a healthier, cleaner engine.

We can remap your engine for economy making it ideal for the Swindon traffic.  On most turbo diesel vehicles, we can achieve economy improvements of 8-10%, seen in the overall average MPG your vehicle manages. This is a popular choice for fleet, commercial and high mileage vehicles. It reduces throttle load and enables driving in higher gears sooner and for longer.

Read more below about our different tuning options available for your vehicle or alternatively give us a call or drop us a message and we are more than happy to give advice with regards to your vehicle options.

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Chip Tuning In Swindon

Chip Tuning is alternative method of acheiving a remapped ECU. It is only required when the ECUs memory cannot be read or written without removing the ECU’s actual programme chip from it’s circuit board. Once removed it can them be re-programmed or replaced with a new modified chip that has been remapped by Top Tuning Swindon. Although not commonly required on modern vehicle as there is not many models our extensive tool arsenal cannot work with, Chip Tuning can be the only way to remap certain vehicles.

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