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Is your ECU remapper using genuine tools?

Can you trust a £100 remap on your vehicle? Check out the photos below. Can you see the difference between the tools? These tools allow the laptop to ‘talk’ to the ECU. But there’s a vast difference in quality. Trust us at Top Tuning when we tell you there’ll be a big difference between the standard of technician as well.

There’s a huge price difference between a scammer using cloned tools and someone using a genuine tool. They’ll have bought it online, often for well under £100.

How can you spot a clone?

As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You simply can’t buy a professional-quality remap for £100-£150. The technicians will have no real expertise and will be using cloned tools. Don’t be sucked in by an attractive low price.

The dangers of using a scammer

1 Cloned tools can result in ECU failure.
2 No experience and zero investment in their trade.

3 You have no comeback if there’s a problem. They have no accountability.
4 As well as cloned tools, they’ll use cheap tuning files bought online, which can harm your vehicle.

5 Some scammers will even simply pretend to tune your car.
6 If you’re lucky, you’ll get a poor-quality tune. If you’re unlucky, your car won’t even start.

In Image 2, we’ve shown a genuine tool bought from a reputable manufacturer or reseller. This will cost well into the thousands. A quality professional tuning business, such as Top Tuning, will have injected £30,000 or more into their equipment and training. That’s how you get a quality job you can rely on.

Six reasons you should always use a professional tuner

1 Professional tuners use professional tools.

2 They’ll have vast experience plus support from tool manufacturers and the tuning community.
3 They’ll have a reputation to protect with good online reviews.
4 They’ll have spent £40,000 or more on tools and training.

5 You’ll be able to get professional advice if you have a problem.
6 They’ll always be straight with you and won’t promise what they can’t deliver.

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