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You’ve probably heard of OBD remapping but might not know exactly what’s involved. At Top Tuning, we’re here to help.

Remapping is when technicians reprogram the software in your vehicle’s ECU (engine control unit). An ECU is standard on today’s vehicles and it controls the way your vehicle drives. It determines your fuel consumption, acceleration, how fast you can go and even how the vehicle handles.

Chances are, the software that the manufacturer has installed will limit your car’s true performance. This is to comply with environmental noise and emission regulations.

These programs also restrict engine power. This is so that manufacturers can use the software to provide a range of power variants with the same engine. An ECU remap reprograms the software within the parameters of mechanical safety. As well as ‘remapping’, some people call the process ‘chip tuning’.

Remapping is relatively straightforward, once we’ve done the development work that tells us optimal performance and fuel-efficiency balance. We never remove or add any components, although we might sometimes need to take out the ECU to remap it.

Will ECU remapping improve my car’s performance?

So what will you gain from ECU remapping? In short, the way your car drives will be completely different. The specifics of that depend on the tuning options you select. But in general, you’ll be looking at:

  • Better throttle response – your car will feel more lively and eager
  • Increased torque – torque is the thing that pushes you back in the seat when you accelerate hard
  • Better fuel consumption – you’ll save money with better mpg. No wonder many professional drivers opt for vehicle remapping
  • Better drive – a remap will put a smile on your face.

Will remapping harm my engine?

You’re proud of your car so you don’t want to damage its engine. That’s why you should always get a remap from reputable technicians. Check their reviews online.

You don’t want to end up with cowboys who use data files of unknown origin or cloned, unlicensed tools they bought online. They might be cheaper, but you also might need a new engine.

Give yourself peace of mind by using professionals who’ll tune your engine with state-of-the-art licensed tools and software.

Surely remapping’s just for performance cars?

Not true. With fuel costs going through the roof, it makes sense to get a remap on your taxi, van or family runaround. And if you take a caravan on holiday, you’ll appreciate the extra mpg so much more.

Four reasons to remap your vehicle

It’s your call, but here are four reasons why you’ll benefit from a remap:

  • Driving enjoyment – your care will feel new again
  • Better driver experience – improved performance plus better mpg
  • It can be undone – want to go back to default when you sell? No problem
  • It’s cost-effective – engine tuning isn’t expensive when you look at the great driving benefits you’ll enjoy.

If you decide that OBD engine remapping is for you, it’s time to choose a team of professionals to bring it about.

Call Top Tuning today on 01249 554522 to talk about improving the performance of your vehicle.