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Get improved power and economy with a tractor remap!

In the farming game, if you increase your tractor’s acre-per-hour rate, you immediately boost your productivity. Here at Top Tuning, based in the South West, we understand the way to do that is to remap your tractor and other machinery.

But what’s involved? The Engine Control Unit (ECU) controls the engine. By recalibrating (or remapping) the ECU software, we at Top Tuning increase the performance. You’ll get more horsepower, more torque and improved efficiency.

We can safely modify fuel injection, duration and quantity and fine-tune the boost control settings, all without putting extra strain on the engine components.

You might also be aware of modular manufacturing. This is where the only difference tractor manufacturers build in to their range is a performance limiter, which they install through software. It’s a way of saving money. This means, with our help, you could invest in lower-price-tag machinery and get the same performance as higher-end models.

The demand for this service across the South West, including Wiltshire, Somerset, Gloucestershire, Devon, Oxfordshire and Dorset, has never been higher. Whether you have a John Deere, a Class, Fendt, JCB, Kubota or a New Holland, we can help.

To talk over your tractor-tuning options, call Top Tuning today on 01249 554522.